How to Upload Svg Files in Cricut Design Space

How to Upload SVG Files in Cricut Design Space

Before moving into the broad discussion, I would like to explain why you need SVG files in Cricut Design Space. An SVG file is a graphic format that is mathematically designed and perfectly works with Cricut and other machines. The format is not like the PNG or JPEG as it stocks pictures as vectors which is a kind of graphic which includes points, lines, curves, and shapes.

However, I have received lots of questions from several people that they had difficulties while uploading files to Cricut Design Space. It usually happens due to uploading a JPG or PNG file and Cricut Design Space can’t transform it to cutting layers. To avoid these types of troubles, uploading SVG files in Cricut Design Space is the best solution.

This article is all about how to upload SVG files in Cricut Design where I have demonstrated the entire process step-by-step. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is SVG File

SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic file. It is one kind of file that is generally used for rephrasing two-dimensional pictures on the internet. SVG files are different from the other popular image formats and it stocks images as vectors which is a kind of graphics that include points, lines, curves, and shapes depending on mathematical theorems.

What Is Cricut Design Space

It is a web-based platform that enables you to surf pages and pages of predesigned projects. Apart from that, you’ll be up to designing your personal project here from your desktop, tablet, laptop, or phone. It contains more than 75000 images, over 400 fonts, and approximately 800 predesigned Make It Now Projects.

The Make It Now projects are already accomplished for you and you just need to tap on the “Go” option. Moreover, in Cricut Design Space, you can upload your personal SVG and JPEG files and use your own favorite fronts. In a word, it is a ball of fire.

How to Upload SVG Files in Cricut Design Space

Uploading SVG files in Cricut Design Space is not a difficult task at all. In two different ways, you can upload SVG files. The first one is through computer software and the other one is via tablet or smartphone app. Both of the procedures I have shown here. You can follow any of them that will be convenient for you to apply. So, let’s get started.

Upload SVG Files In Cricut Design Space Software [Computer]

To show the entire process, I have picked up a free “Heart Breaker” SVG file here. You can choose Coffee Gets Me Started Jesus Keeps Me Going Svg file as well. In a word, any SVGs file can be selected to upload in Cricut Design Space. Whatever, let’s see the entire process below.

Step-1: First, download Cricut Design Space software on your computer [If It Has Not Been Downloaded Yet]

Step-2: After downloading and installing the software, run it on your PC and create an account [If You Are a New User]

Step-3: Now, press on the “Upload” icon from the left-side below to kick off the procedure of uploading SVG files.

image 1

Step-4: A new window will appear and you’ll see an option “Upload Image” in the above-left side corner to upload a new file.

step 4

Step-5: Tap on the “Browse” option from the middle of the window or simply drag and drop your selected file from your computer.

step 5

Step-6: Once the file is uploaded, you’ll see a preview of the image you have uploaded. Give the image a name and include any tags that you want. For instance, the image can be tagged with valentine, heart, t-shirt, or etc. Tags will aid you in filtering and sorting your file next time once you have collected a larger library of uploaded images. Later, click on the green “Save” button in the below right corner.

step 6

Step-7: Your recently uploaded file will appear under the “Recently Uploaded Images” option. Select the image and after that tap on the “Insert Images” option from the right side below.

step 7

Step-8:  Finally your image is on screen and prepared to be cut.

step 8

Upload SVG File in The Cricut Design Space App [For Android & iOS Device]

Uploading an image file in the Cricut Design Space app on Android and iOS is simple. Here I have given the entire procedure step-by-step.

Step-1: First, download and install Cricut Design Space from your smartphone’s app store. If you use an iPhone then go to the Apple App Store to download the app. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store.

step 11

step 12

Step-2: Once the app is downloaded and installed, run the app and create an account. [If Have No Account Yet]

Step-3: When the app is opened, you’ll see an option “New Project” in the upper left corner and click on it.

Step-4: Tap on the “Upload” icon on the left-side below and an image upload image menu pop-up will appear instantly.

step 14

Step-5: From the pop-up menu, select the “Browse File” option and select the SVG file that you want to upload.

step 15

Step-6: You’ll see the preview of the uploaded image in the center of your device screen. Give the image a name, and then save it.

step 16

Step-7: From the uploaded image panel, select the image that you have uploaded. Click on the “Insert Button” then in the below right corner.

step 17

step 17b

Step-8: Now you are all set and the SVG file is prepared to be cut for your later project.

Types of Images That You Can Use With Cricut Design Space

Some people asked whether they should only use SVG files on the Cricut Design Space or other images can be used. Actually, you can use several formats of images but SVG file is most appropriate for this platform. Other formats of images can be used as well. In this segment, I have some given file formats that you can use with the Cricut Design. Let’s check them out.

1.  SVG

As I have already mentioned an SVG is a kind of graphic format that indicates Scalable Vector Graphics. This will be the number one file that you’ll include when crafting with your Cricut. SVG files enable you to layer by color with different materials like vinyl, felt, cardstock,  and many more.

2.  DFX

This image format is very close to SVG image format but I highly discourage using them; they don’t save similar content data as SVG and then make them second-class quality to an SVG file. I always recommend using SVG files for Cricut Design Space as they are the best choice for the program.

3.  PNG or JPEG

A PNG image is similar to a Clipart Image. In particular, if you search “Flower Clipart” in Google, all the shown images would be either PNG or JPEG. What makes the PNG and JPEG different? This question may come to your mind subconsciously. In clipart images, their colors are mixed and you won’t be able to divide each layer by color.

PNG and JPEG images are mostly used for the Print then Cut project. A Print then Cut image prints colored image directly to your home printer first and then Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker cuts the outline out. However, the only difference between the JPEG and PNG is, JPEGs are of lesser resolution and PNG holds at its best.

How To Create Your Own SVG Files

Creating SVG files on your own is simple. All you need is software. In this section, I have provided the complete procedure step-by-step. Let’s have a look.

Step-1: First, start with downloading Silhouette Studio Software and then create an account to use it.

step 21

Step-2: Now, type a word or start withdrawing. There are lots of free fonts that you can use to write.

step 22

Step-3: If you choose a Cursive Font or Something that isn’t connected, Select “Weld” from under the “Design” option.

step 23

Step-4: Once it is welded, either brunch it together or select the “Make Compound Path” option.

step 24

Step-5: After accomplishing the entire procedure, save it as an SVG file. That’s all.

step 25

Final Thought

So, it was all about how to upload SVG files in Cricut Design Space. Uploading an SVG file is simple and can be uploaded by anyone. Simply download Cricut Design Space Software, create an account, upload an image, insert it, and then it will be ready to be cut. You’ll find an uncountable number of free SVG files on the internet to use for free.

If you don’t amass SVG files from the internet, you can make it on your own. I have shown the entire procedure above. In short, just download Silhouette Studio Software, create an account, type your words or draw a new project, Weld it, select the Make Compound Path option and save it as an SVG file. That’s it.

However, even then if you find any difficulties, drop your comments below. Hopefully, you’ll get an instant solution.

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